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Some Of Our Reviews :
 😉 Our Lucca is just what we were searching for ... He is perfect and we love him so much !

We are doing great. Lucca cried the first night but after that not a peep - he is really comfortable and feisty! He went to vet and vet said he looks amazing! Son is off from school today so we are going to give him a bath! He plays like crazy then falls asleep on My son’s lap! He is perfect and we love him so much - thank you! D & K

Reviewer: Krist, November 12, 2019 We adore our Milo

We never got around to write a review until we came back to look for a companion to our adorable Milo. We looked so much and visited several breeders before finding this amazing family that gave us so much assurance and the sweetest companion we longed for. We love our little guy to pieces and now it is time to add a companion friend to him and we would not have it any other way or from any other breeder. Our yorkie is now turning 9 and we have decided that we will add a little sister to our home. Our vets have always loved him and praised our breeder and when we told him we would get another he mentioned that we should go back to our breeder and we agreed . Adam Ly.

Reviewer: Adam, November 30, 2018 Winston updates

Our dog is beautiful and he looks so nice in a haircut as we asked when we first got him. He is healthy, sweet and adorable and everyone who sees him fall in love. Just wanted to recommend the nice family who bred this beauty and keeps checking on us every so often and make sure he is in great health and if there has been any concern even a few years after our warranty contract expired. These people are responsible and caring and this must be appreciated. Thank you again.

Reviewer: Dee, February 24, 2017 Thank you for the best,

Lola continues to be the greatest gift. I love, we all love this dog so much. She is with us every step of the way and has become a great travel companion when we go home to Europe. I will always be grateful to you for my Lola!!! Sammy.

Reviewer: Sammy, February 19, 2017 Thank you so much

Everything is great with our two new best friends. They have the best personalities and we are crazy about them. They got great check ups from our vets always and everyone loves them. We got so many compliments and we wish we could upload some pictures to show how beautiful these pals are. These are the most well behaved dogs and we can only say that they are amazing, lovable and follow us and our commands. We waited to post a review and all we can say is that we are so pleased. These are the best Shihtzus we ever owned and we are experienced with this breed. Thank you for such a good job. Mc and family.

Reviewer: Pinot, February 18, 2017 Caring loving breeder.

We purchased a healthy loving Yorkie in Sept 2015, she has brought much joy to our family. We will be getting another one from Hursala, hopefully in the near future. She is such a caring person who continues to care for the puppies she breeds long after they are gone. She took time during her vacation for me many times when I had questions (this was our 1st pet) also after our puppy got spayed she sent several emails to see how she was doing knowing that I was worried about our pup going in for the surgery and how she would be after. I was surprised to read one negative comment about her, there must be more to her long story that had nothing to do with Hursala. We can only say nice things about her and her husband. Joanne C.

Reviewer: Bill, February 18, 2016    

Just an update

Hi, it has been a while that we have Teddy and I just wanted to give an update. He is doing great! We love him he is so adorable. He has such a good personality. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. You do an amazing job. He is healthy and happy and so are we.

Reviewer: C, November 2, 2015 Grace is a wonderful dog.

Grace has been doing great! We love her more than anything and she has fit right into our family. All her shots and her spay surgery went well she is the vet and the vet tech's favorite. In the vet record it is written that ear rubbing is preferred which she loves. We are amazed that her first birthday is just around the corner. She is a very loving and playful dog, incredibly sweet and a very snuggly affectionate puppy, quite special to both of us. She loves giving puppy kisses and loves receiving whole head and body rubs. She has had many Olaf the snowmen (she has a tendency to eat the arms) and Sven the rain dog both from the Movie "Frozen". Many different ropes, nylabones and many fun chew toys. The blue ball is by far the favorite which she associates it with going to a park. We have a very nice park close to us which she loves to go to a play fetch with the ball. Thank you! And thank you again for providing us with such an adorable puppy and incredible member of our family.

Reviewer: Grace, October 1, 2015 Izzy updates ...

i have one of your puppies. Her name is izzy. She is the best dog don and i have ever owned, So beautiful... i am going to send you pictures of izzy,,, I love to look at all the puppies,some reason i always find your puppies. Joyce and Don.

Reviewer: Joyce, June 17, 2015 We want to thank for our beautiful puppy...

We want to thank you one more time for such a beautiful puppy and for reaching out and answering all our questions. The little guy has been doing great! We are very happy and our home feels different. He is a beautiful healthy and well behaved dog now. We always think of posting a great review and we got to do it today. Thank you again from our family. Moore family.

Reviewer: Matt, February 25, 2015 on our family addition, TAZ,

Hi, We had a wonderful weekend. Puppy is named TAZ after the Tasmanian devil he looks like the cartoon character. The only time he cried was at night when I put him in his huge crate right near our bed. He had his moms blankts plus a nice big fluffy one and a stuffed dog toy. He only cried for a few minutes both Saturday and Sunday. On Friday night I slept with him on the couch. He rolled into a ball on my shoulder. He slept the whole night without a peep. He loves to eat out of our hands he is already getting spoiled. He loves his toy he came home with. He puts it in his mouth and runs with it or he shakes his head with the toy it is so cute. Oliver my cocker spaniel keeps sniffing him but seems to be shy still. He hid from TAZ on the couch or bed. TAZ follows Oliver around the house. Wow I could go on and on. He has really livened up our home. Thank you so much for such a good puppy. Denise

Reviewer: Denise, February 13, 2015




 8th Birthday Bella UpDate...

Hi, It's been a while... i hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer! I thought i would send you a quick note and share an update that Bella had her 8th birthday this summer (May 26th)! We can't believe it's been 8 years already!!! Bella is doing great and gets more adorable everyday:) She is in great health is such a sweet and gentle dog. Although she is a little older now, she still loves to play with her toys, runs around the yard and go for adventurous walks at the nearby beach. we both love her with all our heart - she is a joy and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives everyday. hope all else is going well, Take care, Francesca, & Zak

Reviewer: Fran, August 23, 2014   

 Milo update and great experience review

I was thinking of you today . Milo is now 7 months old and I love him to death! He is such a fantastic dog...he is healthy and happy. He is too cute! Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!

Reviewer: Jeff, November 8, 2013      


Hi,Just wanted to let you know that we got Clos (pronounced Klo) home to New York. She did great on the plane and threw up a little in the cab to our place. However, she is doing fantastic and we already love her lots! She is Perfect, thanks! Also we took Clos to the vet today and she is very healthy. She got her third distemper shot. We brought a stool sample. Everything is looking great though. She has been adapting well... She has been eating, playing and sleeping well. Thanks again! Claire & Gavin

Reviewer: Claire, November 14, 2012

New Puppy

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much we love our new puppy. His name is Teddy which is short for Teddy Bear. He is a love and he makes us laugh out loud. Belle, our 11 year old, is adjusting better than I thought she would.She tolerates him very well as he jumps up and bites her ears. Actually, I'm surprised that she does not put him in his place but they will work all of that out together. Teddy is doing very well (loves his food) and is doing very well on his potty training too! He is so excited to play when he goes outside,(chasing leaves and rocks) that he sometimes forgets what he is out there for! I am very slow about getting pictures from my camera onto my computer but I will send you one as soon as I do. Mary

Reviewer: Mary, May 16, 2011

Our Tiny Yorkie Little Lexie,

Little Lexie is doing Great! We took her for her checkup yesterday and the vet could not believe how perfect her bite and heart rate was. Frankie immediately bonded with her. When we got home that night Frankie went outside to go to the bathroom when he came in we give him a treat, he went over to Lexie and gave it to her. I CAN NOT believe how Frankie is acting. He lets her eat first, he gets out of his bed and lets her get in first then he lies down next to her. They play a game and chase each other with a little toy. Jake our youngest son said he was proud of Frankie he is such a gentlemen. Jamie went out and bought her all new dresses to match Frankie. My children absolutely adore her and Frankie became more loving to everyone in the family. Frankie looks like a proud father and wants everyone to enjoy her!!!! I will send you pictures and give you updates. Thanks for making our family complete. Thanks so much, we love her! Rona & Jamie

Reviewer: Lexie\'s, May 3, 2011


How much we enjoy Izzy

hi, i just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy Izzy. she is so beautiful. everybody stops me when we go out!!!!!!!! she weighs 3 pounds. i have some beautiful pictures of her. i will email them to you soon. she will let me put a bow in her hair and let's me put a dress on her. Izzy has the best temperament i have ever seen in a puppy. i am so glad i found her. she was right under my nose and i didn't even know it!!! everybody loves her chocolate color. we love her and see loves her create. we take her everywhere we go. she loves to shop just like her mama.... thank you so much for the beautiful Shihtzu puppy. Joyce and Donnie.

Reviewer: Izzy, May 2, 2011    

Fluffy and Scruffy are doing fabulous !!!

Hi, It?s been eight months since we bought our puppies from you and I thought I would write to tell you they are doing fabulous! We are really enjoying them! They love people and are very excited when anybody comes over. They got to be about 4 ½ pounds. The littlest was the boy but he caught right up to the female. Everywhere we go people have to come over and say hi they are so adorable. I will send you pictures in the next e-mail! The girls name is Fluffy and the boys name is Scruffy. They are up to date on everything concerning shots etc? We did have them spayed and I know you told us to let you know when we did that. Hope to hear from you soon! Cindy G.

Reviewer: Glen, August 22, 2010   

 KyKy update

Hi, I've been meaning to e-mail you about KyKy! I just wanted to tell you she is doing wonderful and has really adjusted. Her personality is out in full force. She gives me plenty of kisses and she is my new best friend :) She is getting spayed February 25th so I will be sure to send you the paperwork. Thanks so much! Emily Purcell

Reviewer: Emily, February 4, 2010  

 Thank you

Hi, We just wanted to let you know the puppies are adjusting very well. Fluffy (the girl) is not missing a beat?she is very curious about everything. Scruffy could care less?he just wants to be held! They are eating pretty well and seem very happy. It was so nice to meet you?your very sweet and kind. I?m glad you sold us the puppies. Talk to you soon. XOX Cindy, Glen and Lexi

Reviewer: G C, December 28, 2009  

Lily got Spayed

Hi there! Just wanted to write you an email and let you know how we are doing. We've been very busy! Lily got spayed on Thursday so shes been recovering. She seems to be doing well and definitely back to herself today. Playing and wanting to go outside:)She hates the cone though which I dont blame her for that.Shes doing great in very way though. Her potty training is almost done although she doesnt get going potty outside. She had her first haircut last week and the groomer said she did well. We are so happy with her but its definitely alot of wor. Im glad we waited a little while before getting her. My husbands already talking about getting another one next year, but we'll see:) I hope your doing well. Michelle and Henry

Reviewer: Michele, October 12, 2009  

Our Coco is sweet with everyone...

Hi, hope all is going well i just wanted to thank you for having the patience with me when i was in the process of getting coco. i just wanted to send you some updated pictures of her, she is doing very well, loveable and sweet with everyone! i get so much attention with her she is the best. thank you again Darline C.

Reviewer: D., August 28, 2009  


Hi she sooo great I can't believe how great she is. She slept through the night and did a nice morning walk....I called my vet and they said they would see me Thursday. I will update you on my vet visit. Thank you for everything she is amazing! Beth

Reviewer: Beth  , August 28, 2009   


Thanks for taking your time with me.

He already plays fetch and brings it back to me. What a personality. He is a mammas boy already! My husband Loves him as well! I just woke up and went into the kitchen and he jumped out of his crate and was wagging his tail.I boiled some chicken and that is what I will be using as a treat to teach him. It worked for the pee pee pads. He barked a couple of times when I left him in the kitchen to fold laundry but he could still see me. So I said NO and ignored him finally he got the picture and just sat there watching me. I learned more training tricks watching Animal Planets show "It's me or the dog" then I did reading a book I got. He is on my lap sleeping as I type. I can't believe I am saying this but I almost want another but I'll wait. :) My mother in law adores him too. I was thinking eventually I might get her one, so let me know about any future litters. Thanks. I hope I get this right, my Spanish in college was ok. Que Dios te bendiga y cuidate Mel

Reviewer: Mel, July 23, 2009 



Lola Review....

Lola is meeting all the local big dogs by walking around with us and does pretty well at being friendly and good. Her potty training is going SO well!! I just started it 2 weekends ago - and now she rings the bell to go out for potty!!! She also just rings the bell because she knows its how to ask to go out and play. Maybe only 1 accident per day. She holds through the night and holds while I'm at work. She is the best!!!!! Sue Perry

Reviewer: Sue, February 3, 2009


Thank you so much.

Sophia is Very WELL. She is such a joy. My vet keeps saying Sophia is VERY SPECIAL and everyone who meets her believes it too...She has doubled her weight and is now 4 lbs. What a cutie. I will send pictures next time. The groomers I have talked to say to trim her face but I really like her face like she is now. I only want them to trim around her eyes a LITTLE so the hair doesn't keep getting in her eyes. I wash her face around her nose every two days because of the food that gets in her hair and I don't mind that. I don't want them to change her face at all. I'll let you know how thing are going. Christine

Reviewer: Christine, February 2, 2009  

Lilly is wonderful!!

Hello, Lilly is wonderful!! The kids LOVE her and she is just the sweetest little dog! My mom and my sister both have little dogs and she sees them at least once a week. She gets very excited to see their dogs...I think she might miss all the dogs at your place.She is very sweet and hardly ever barks...just when the other dogs come over. We have jackets and sweaters for her and she is great about getting dressed up. She even had her own halloween costume. She likes her morning walk to the bus stop and then she is lazy and sleeps all morning. Getting chased by my youngest all morning before school wears her out. The little girls that come over all love Lilly too...she is very popular...I have to save her from all the attention sometimes! I hope all is well with you and your family. Have a wonderful new year and Thanks For Lilly, she is such a love. Andrea

Reviewer: Andrea, January 18, 2009


Obie Update...

Hi Hursula, I just wanted to let you know that Obie is doing very well (he just turned 1 on september 15!)...he was from the litter of 1 from your dog that you gave away to that lady...i forget her name...Mila? He is healthy and the most loving dog ever! He never smells dogs, he only give them kisses on their faces!!! He is about 98% potty trained at this point (doesnt use the pee pads at all) and has never once since the day we took him home in November cried at night. He is a really big boy! Every single person I meet tells me is the best looking yorkie they've ever seen-even people who own their own yorkies. He is so good with children (they all love him!) and people say he looks like a stuffed animal. He is extremely active and appears to only sleep a few hours. He also loves to be held and loves belly rubs! If you ever want to see him I would be happy to bring him by. I will send pictures soon!

Reviewer: Kaitlyn, October 2, 2008  

How are you?

I have been meaning to send you a quick email to let you know that "Olivia" is doing great.....she is very sweet and we are really enjoying her. I hope all is going well with you. Take Care, Ann

Reviewer: Ann, September 12, 2008



Thank you!

Hi Hursula! Our Peanut is doing great. She has adjusted so quickly and is as healthy as can be. It is clear that you and your family truly love and care for your dogs (and the breed). Thank you so much for picking us to adopt her and for answering all our questions. We'll keep in touch! Erin, Mike and Peanut :-)

Reviewer: Erin, March 4, 2008


 An update on baby "Peanut" .....

She has been cuddled and kissed over and over. She has been eating and drinking, going to the bathroom fine. Yesterday was the first day she didn't eat much. She played with my friends Shitzu on Christmas Eve and was going after him. She was so funny.She got so many toys and outfits for Christmas from my Family and Santa she needs a closet!! She definitely isn't lacking love. The first night we woke her up twice and tried to get her to go on the pad. She wouldn't go and didn't go in the crate. So the next night we woke her up once and took her out and she went outside. So now we wait to hear from her. Christmas night she called us at 4:00 and we took her out and she went then woke up at 8:00 when we woke her up. Last night it was 2:30 then we woke her up at 8:00. SO she is doing well. ONly a couple of accidents in the house!! I will keep you posted. She is doing well today and did good at the Vet. Your Baby is doing great!! Michelle

Reviewer: Michelle, December 27, 2007


  A girlfriend for Ziggy ....

Hi Hursula, We have been talking and we think Ziggy needs a sister! What do you think? Is Chaya Gracie's daughter, and Penelope Petchula's daughter? Do you think one of them would get along with Ziggy? We love Ziggy so much I think we'd like another one. I had 2 dogs once before and it worked out pretty well. Let me know what you think. Cathie

Reviewer: Cathie, December 15, 2007


Maggie updates....


Here are a few updates on Maggie. We are having a great time with her, the accidents in the house have gotten less. Maggie loves to play tug of war and she will chase a toy if we throw it and bring it back. She has been helping to clean to my daughter?s room by bringing us whatever Zoe left on the floor (socks, underwear, little toys, paper, pencil etc. Maggie also helps me with the laundry, taking the dirty clothes from the pile by the washing machine to some other room in the house. We have been to the vet for another round of shots (distemper). She LOVED the vet, but she HATES riding the car. We love her! Carol

Reviewer: X., November 26, 2007


Chloe is the best dog ever...............


Hursula is that you? This is Andi S. and we bought Chloe last March. She is about to turn 2 years old Nov 14th. We are thinking of a sister or a brother for her. She is THE GREATEST DOG and we are so very happy. Let me know what you have. Theo is the new Brother of Chloe and he is in love with his new family who also loves him so very much... It is another happy family just growing in happiness and yorkie Love !!!!! Thanks Andi

Reviewer: A.S., November 16, 2007

Thank you so much!!

Hi Hursula, Thank you again for all your help and the wonderful puppy! Obie learns so quickly, I teach him something one day and he knows it the next day! He never ever cries at night or even makes a peep, just plays by himself until he is tired. He has slept 6-8 hours at night since the very first night! Everyone loves him and says he is the most beautiful yorkie. The vet also said he had an excellent coat and health. Our 2 babysitters say he is the best puppy they have ever seen. So thank you again for answering my constant questions and being so kind to let us visit him and all of your other dogs frequently. God bless! Ps Adam says he loves the baby!

Reviewer: kaitlyn, November 15, 2007


Thank you.....

Hursula, Thank you so much for selecting me to love and raise Milla as you would. We are all so excited to have her in our family. She will love and be loved. I know it will be hard for you but hopefully knowing our family now will put you at ease. You may call or drop by whenever you want. Love , Frances, from Peabody.

Reviewer: Kelly, November 14, 2007


Biju's update....


Our Biju is fitting so well with our family it seems she has being here forever! No cryes first night and eating well. Wonderfull puppy and the breeder made this first time experience very easy and smooth. Our vet praised the breeder and said: "the puppy is all perfect, health, looks, temperament, everything!" She is just everything i asked for. I am glad i was on the waiting list and this is the right puppy for us. She loves my husband and my daughter too. She is beautifull as i asked her to be and just a kisser! Well behaved and we love her. We offered to be on the referral list and will be happy to shar our good experience with anyone looking to get a puppy from this breeder: knows what they are doing, have gorgeous dogs and sweet blood lines. I picked up my puppy but i went over 2 times before to make sure all was good and it was perfect! We are thankfull for our precious Biju... They can forward you our fone number for references if you want to call us. M.C. from Boxford Ma.

Reviewer: Mell., September 17, 2007



Mikayla needs a playmate now...

Hi Hursula, It's Anne, Mikayla is doing great....She is just over a year now.. I love her personality!!! I was wondering when you will be having another litter....I would like to get a little boy for another playmate for Mikayla...I just LOVE her soooo much...I knew when I first saw the picture of my Mikayla that she was special..I am sooooooo in love with her!! She gives me kisses until there is not a dry spot on my cute!! I am so happy for definetly have very high quality yorkies!!! Just wondering how long your waiting list is.....would I be able to get one of these little boys?? or are they all taken?? That's so funny that the girl told you that she makes out with her dog...I always say that to Mikayla... I say Mikayla, you want to make out?? and then she licks my whole face....she has the longest tongue ever!! It must be so hard for you to let these little guys go after all the work you do for them....bye for now.. Ann

Reviewer: Ann, September 5, 2007    

Joee updates...


Hi Hursula; Little "Joee" is doing great, no problem in the car, loves the whole family, slept until 5:30 am (I get up at that time anyway). Loves to play espically with my cat - they are the best of buddies. Little Joee does come when called I have only had one accident in the house. He's almost perfect.........Alyssa and EB think he's the greatest, Poekie wants to play, Nikki is not sure. The pug, Dozer is great. Hi to your sister. Thanks, Donna and Joee.

Reviewer: smt, August 20, 2007


  Rex update...

Hello Hursula, Rex is doing fine, we went to the vet on Monday and he got his shots. He got used to driving in the car. when I leave to work he is very quiet when I come back... I bought the gate instead of the cage. I set it up that he has access to his bed in the room and also the part of the kitchen where he eats. Thank you, Natalia

Reviewer: Natalia, July 5, 2007



Our little buddy Buster


I have had Buster for over a week now, he is doing great. I just wanted to say thank you Hursula for all of your help, very quick getting back to my questions, and i'm sure i'll have a million more. Very well cared for dogs at home and very well behaved, i couldn't be happier about the process and i'm so lucky to have found Hursula to buy my Buster. It's nice to see someone who cares about her puppies and is so knowledgeable about the breed. I have already recommened you to 3 people. Buster and i will be in touch. Thanks again!!!

Reviewer: Lauren, June 23, 2007




Little "Tiger" is a very well behaved little man..

I just want to say a word about how good Hursula's dogs are and how good of a job she does. Her dogs are beautifull and well behaved, everything she said in the ads and much more. She does a top Job and my little man is one of a kind, he behaves so well and is so gorgeous!!! My vet is in love with him and praised his breeder over and over. I am so happy with my Yorkie and I wanted to say a word about my experience: it could not have being a better one!!! Bodil B. from Connecticut.

Reviewer: bodil, June 4, 2007




Our LIlly...

Good morning Hursula, lilly is doing terrific...what a little champ coming home last night in the storm.I pulled over in bedford ,once i was off 128 and wrapped her up in an old soft sweatshirt from the trunk of my car...she slept in my lap the rest of the way home...she is indeed daddy's girl!! Danny just loves her...they spent hours on the couch last night was sooo sweet... ok,... looking forward to the next litter... lilly will need a companion...hope all goes well with the next delivery !! ... happy caking !! yummmmm !! Debbie

Reviewer: Debb., May 21, 2007




 Benny is the best puppy ....

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we had a great evening with Benny and he is so smart and loving. He already is walking with a leash for a short walk and has been using his puppy pad. We love him very much. He slept very well and through the night. He is just perfect! Our daughter Leah is very happy with her "Marley" he is just a perfect yorkie, we would not get the second one from nobody else. Now Marley has a playmate and we have our own yorkie to spoill. Thanks Val.From South Dartmouth.

Reviewer: val, May 7, 2007



Hi Hursula, My name is Amy and I bought a yorkie from you over a year ago. He's made our life so happy and was hoping to get him a little sister to play with. Thank You, Amy and Jamie ...

Reviewer: Amy, April 18, 2007




 Little Mr. Jasper ...

Little Mr. Jasper is doing very well! I don't think I could possibly love him any more than I do!! We went to the Vet on Sat. and he was very good. The vet said he was healthy and quite beautiful and loved his temperment. He praised his 'breeder'!!!! Well be well my friend and thank-you, thank-you for our beautiful boy!!!!!!! Blessings, Denise

Reviewer: D., April 18, 2007




A girlfriend for Maxx


Reviewer: Marla, March 25, 2007




Just a thank you note

we got a beautiful, healthy yorkie pup from them two months ago. Hursula was great to deal with! She was quick responding to emails, knowledgable and very honest. Even after the sale, she was quick to answer any questions and helpfull, we got a feeling that she really cares for her dogs and she loves the breed. I have already recommended to friends interested in owning a yorkie because everyone loves my pup's disposition and looks/build. Thanks for making this a good experience and for the wonderful addition to our family... we are really happy ...

Reviewer: Carole, March 23, 2007





Just wanted to share my experiences...

Our puppy is perfect! Cute and beautifull, Just checked out 100% healthy at the vets and has a very nice disposition and temperament. He was kind of shy the first couple days we brought him home but he has come out of his shell: happy and wiggling his tail all the time, just as the breeder told us. We love him so much! We saw many other yorkie puppies around but something was missing. We are glad we waited for the right one. Toby is the right yorkie for us. He is perfect on every aspect. We love the new member of our family...Thank You !!! Alex, from MA.

Reviewer: Alexa, February 24, 2007


 An Update on our precious Sam.... and a referral

 We just took our "Sam" to his appointment and to get his shots. As we expected he checked out fine and everyone loved him in there. He behaved so well and gave kisses to everybody. We just felt like we should post our good experience and give the breeder a nice referral. Our puppy could not be better, perfect match for us and we love him: healthy, happy, beautifull! We get compliments wherever we go, our friends and family are in love with him as well, he got many gifts for Valentines... We feel so blessed to have found him, we could never have asked for a better yorkie. We are thinking on getting him a girlfriend next year... we will be in touch. Thanks Smartpuppiepets for our perfect Sam!!! Ed,from Mass.

Reviewer: ed, February 19, 2007



This little girl is so good....

She never even whimpered all the way home. I was singing along with some soft music in the car and she curled up and just laid there until we got home. Mom spent at least an hour today with the puppy in her lap.She fell in love instantly.I'm amazed because my Mom hasn't had a dog since she was a kid herself. She really loves her.She is right now busy playing with some toys here in my room.I have already gated off so that she has access only to my room and my bathroom most of the time.She has already gone once on the pee-pad and even when I have the gate open so she can come out into the kitchen, she runs back into my room where her crate and bed are.She has already made it HOME.She is already entertaining us with her antics.She is already doing amazingly well.It was also very nice to meet you, Hursula, and the rest of your family as well! It was an extra bonus to learn that you are also a believer. God Bless you and your household, Cheryl

Reviewer: Lana, January 7, 2007





Me and my husband adopted a little girl just before this christmas. The puppy have brought such a joy to our lives. We saw the cuttest sweetest yorkies ever. They were the healthiest little darlins when we got there.The little girls coat is already full and silky.She is a mama's baby and she gets everything that she wants because she is so precious. Hursula is the most honest and upfront breeder that we have ever delt with. We would recommend her and her puppies to anyone.

Reviewer: Roberto, January 2, 2007




Our baby boy...

I had to take a moment to rate the breeder of our yorkie. We were at the vet's office today and everyone fell in love with him in there. They assured me he was everything the breeder told us when we picked him: a sweet healthy and beautiful yorkie baby. It was a very good experience. We came over and we saw this fluffy little thing and we fell in love with him. I would recomend her to anyone looking for a healthy beautiful puppy. We had all of our questions answered. It was a good time to take him home and he is doing really well on his training. We are very happy, thank you Hursula.

Reviewer: Mary, January 2, 2007   

 Thank you for our new family puppy...

We had a yorkie for 16 years. We just had to put him down for complications due of aging process... it had to be done but it was painful. We were not ready to live without a dog, specially our three kids. We looked for a while but shipping was not an option for us. We are glad to have found an experienced breeder in our area. As previous yorkie owners we new a lot about the breed. We are very happy with the experience and we recomend the breeder. She has healthy well behaved dogs that look beautifull. Our puppy is gorgeous! He will not replace the other dog we lost, but the experience made the Hollidays nicer for our family.

Reviewer: June, December 27, 2006


Our yorkie is the sweetest and cuttest puppy...

I recently adopted a yorkshire terrier puppy from her. She is wonderful with her animals and they are so sweet, they came to the door to greet us with kisses when we arrived at her place. She was very informative when I was inquiring about the puppies and we had so many questions. All of her puppies have up to date shots and have been so well taken care looked like to me. I would recommed her to anyone that was looking for a new little family member. I was very pleased with her and the way she treats all her dogs as well. When I need another little one, I'm gonna give her a call.

Reviewer: Janice, December 17, 2006




Love My Sasha!!!

I purchased my beautiful little girl early September and I must say that she is perfect. Hursula was wonderful as we have never owned a yorkie before. She gave us a lot of information and was supportive. Even when we brought her home we would email her questions and she was gracious to answer quickly. She is an expert on the breed and I feel very confident in recommending her to anyone. Actually, I already have!!! Thanks Hursula!! Gina

Reviewer: Regina, October 16, 2006




 Helpfull and reliable breeder

Very reliable and honest breeder. Took the time to answer all our questions and understand what we were looking for. We could never have found a better match! We are Glad we found an honest breeder, that knows what she is talking about, really a lover of the breed that we now love just as much as she does. We highly recomend and we acctually sent a deposit on the mail about 3 weeks before our puppy was ready to come home. We got a notice from the breeder to get ready to pick up our puppy and we choose a convenient evening for both of us. A clean and friendly family home opened the door to us. Very healthy and sweet beautifull dogs came to greet us in. Excellent experience !!!

Reviewer: Sara, September 8, 2006




 Thank you for my little Bella.........

I recently went to visit Hursela?s Yorkie pups, and from the second she opened the door, I fell in love with my little puppy and knew she was the dog for me! Hursela?s puppies are all adorable, and have great personalities and dispositions. Hursela is extremely knowledgeable about the Yorkie breed, and was helpful right from the beginning. She is understanding, patient and caring ? and spent time talking with me to really understand what kind of puppy I wanted. She is always available for phone calls and questions, and it is great to know that she cares and wants to make sure her puppies are doing well in their new homes. I just love my little Bella and so happy that she is part of my family!!!

Reviewer: Francesca, August 22, 2006




 My Sweet Puppy

I just want to share my experience with this Breeder. I just purchased the most Beautiful Puppy ever. I have done extensive Research on the Yorkie. I have spent hour's searching for the Perfect Puppy. I have also looked at numerous Puppies everywhere. Last Tuesday, I called this Breeder who welcomed me to her home to look at her Puppies. Her home was so clean. Her Puppies were all Beautiful and very well cared for. She is an expert on the Breed. There wasn't a question she couldn't answer, and I asked many questions. The Puppy smelled so good. I fell in Love with my Puppy. I picked her up today. She spent so much time with me answering all my question's. When I brought my Puppy home, I called her again.. She spent a lot of time answering more of my many question's. I believe I bought the Best Puppy. She is very socialized. She is a pure joy. She is the Cutest Puppy I have seen in my extensive search. On a scale of 1-10 this Breeder is a 10 plus. Marianne from Peabody, Massachusetts..

Reviewer: Maryann, August 11, 2006 Simply The Best

This breeder is the absolute best. Hursula has all the characteristics of the finest breeder. She is so caring and helpful even long after you take your baby home. Hursula has given me so much help and good advice. Her home is so loving and so are her dogs and puppies. I give this breeder the highest rating. I am so glad I found her.

Reviewer: Tanya, August 9, 2006

    Thank you for our baby... she's a joy ....

I am very thankfull i found a local breeder so knoledgeable and helpfull. Ready to answer every question we had before and after we picked our new "baby". She is just what we looked and asked for: Cute, healthy, sweet, well taken care of. She tought about everything and gave us every instructions on taking care of a toy pup as we only had large breeds before. Thank you "SMARTPUPPIEPETS" for our new family member, we highly recomend the breeder... don't be fooled: she will have a bunch of questions to you before she lets you take her pup home... well done and thank you so much for our "Dutchess" yorkie.

Reviewer: Luiz, August 4, 2006

     Thank you for "Boy Friend " and "Leah"

Very good breeder and excellent on advice. Thank you for the patience and explaining it all. It did help a lot to have good advice and coaching in the process of adding another yorkie to our family. "Leah" was so lonelly, but now she is very content with her new "Boy Friend". It was good recomendation well accepted to have another boy instead of another girl. The introduction went very smooth and we really love our little "Boy Friend" he is our new baby and so does Leah thinks too. By the second time we recomend the breeder. We were very confortable coming back to adopt our second "child". We would come back if we ever decide to ad another member to our family, but for now we are all set with these 2. Only good things to say: we highly recomend.

Reviewer: Ann Marie, August 4, 2006   






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